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More About Estuary Labs

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About Estuary Labs

Estuary Labs is a Customer Experience Design firm. We help organizations to improve and innovate products, services, spaces, and experiences through design thinking. Our goal is to create a strategic impact through Design thinking. We are currently based out of Mumbai, India and are looking to establish our base in the UK and US in the next 12 months.

Our spread of services is across Customer Experience Research, Customer Experience Evaluation and Customer Centered Design.

We work across different platforms including Web, Software, Intranet, Mobile, IVR, IPTV, Kiosks, Consumer Products, Embedded Products, and Print.

We work with local and international clients as their experience design partners.

Our Engagement model with our customers could be either of the following:

  • Project based fee
  • Long term retainer model
  • Fixed fee and a variable model based on predefined success paramaters
  • Equity model where we would provide our customer experience expertize for an equity in the product or service.