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More About Estuary Labs

Few of our clients


Estuary Labs has currently partnered with the following organizations to help our customers achieve their strategic goals:

  • Paryana HR - A HR firm to help us implement our Customer Experience Recruitment service.
  • 3D Architecture and Hallmark Interiors - Interior design and architecture firms to help our customers implement environment design projects.
  • Boch & Fernsh - An exhibition design firm to help our customers build temporary spaces at events and exhibitions to create the desired impact.
  • Weavethrough Communications - A communications design firm.
  • Paryana Marketing - For Sales distribution, for our Product Marketing and Distribution service.
  • iff Interactive - An online interactive firm to help organizations with their online strategy and execution.
  • Paryana Automation - An automation firm to help our customers with embedded product development.
  • Bit Magic India LLP - An IT firm to help our customers with product development.
  • Nettech India - A mobile development firm to build end to end mobile solutions.
  • Lilac Concepts - A full fledged print house to help customers with their print needs.

We would like to hear from you if you would like to partner with us.