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Mastek Ltd. India

Project Type:

Usability Inspection and Interface redesign

The Challenge:

Mastek had put together the initial prototype for their insurance based software which had a lot of navigation issues. There were too many screens with overwhelming data to be interacted. First the information architecture needed review and then more importantly it was required to bridge the gap between the task-flow and the screen-flow.

The Approach:

Estuary Labs helped Mastek in a two fold approach:

  • Redefined Information Architecture, and task flow
  • Gave complete detailed design solutions for critical pages with guidelines to be applicable for the entire application.

We understood the domain through their SME (Subject Matter Expert) and with close interaction with both the SME and the developers the application was redesigned. The deliverables were given in form of a detailed report, screen designs and presentations.

The Outcome:

The Mastek development team deployed changes with ease to the current as well as the subsequent modules of the application. The end client was also happy with the ease of use derived from the redesign exercise. The company in turn saved around 20% of its development and maintenance time.