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Venice Frontiers

Project Type:

Interaction & Interface Design

The Challenge:

Clients had initiated a data collection research to find out user needs for intelligent tourists guides in Venice. The project was named: history Un-Wired. After six months of extensive research the client was unable to conceptualize a product that would solve the identified problems.

The Approach:

The first step involved in deriving task scenarios from the research, which was followed by the sequence diagrams. It was now that the client got a clear picture regarding the functionality of the application / device. Use cases for the same were developed. Through iterative design exercise and competitive benchmarking the application interface was designed and prototyped.

The Outcome:

Venice Frontiers is a mobile technology project that helps a tourist get information within a global, knowledge-driven society. It is promoting technology innovation based on the lived experiences of tourists and locals in Venice. While the project makes use of the latest networking, positioning, streaming and multimedia capabilities of cell phones and PDA's (Personal Data Assistants), possibly it's most innovative aspect lies in the proposed collaboration between local citizens, media creators, governments, and tourists.