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Vista Technologies

Project Type:

Product Development

The Challenge:

In the soft furnishing industry majority of budget is spent on the sales forces that help the customers decide on their buy. The client wanted to reduce this expenditure by introducing an interactive application that would help the customers in visualizing the fabrics on the furniture. The challenge lied in bringing the user experience of visualizing and selecting soft furnishing items as close to reality as possible, in an virtual environment.

The Approach:

The scenarios of consumer behavior were closely studied with the help of client interaction to conceptualize the product. The business goals set were verified by contextually inquiring the needs in the furnishing stores both from the customer and the sales force point of view. A customized development process was derived which followed the following steps:

  • Analysis: Business, Functional and User Goals
  • Requirement Gathering and Defining Functional Requirements
  • Defining Information Architecture (IA) and Application Interactions (AI)
  • Visual Conceptualization
  • Visual Design, Code Development and 3D Model Development
  • Integration
  • Quality Assurance

The Outcome:

The outcome was an interactive application where the customer in a Home Furnishings & Furniture Mall could browse through various "Furniture Designs" (styles) and Fabrics (swatches) and mix and match the styles and swatches to create his own designs for various styles for his home decor. This application was to be used to help the customer visualize how the swatches of his choice would look on any selected style. The application database was supposed to store about 500 styles and over 3000 swatches. Its deployment helped the client reduce the expenditure on the sales force and also saw an increase in his overall sales. There was a very good response from even the customer's end. There has also been a demand for similar customized applications for other businesses.